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2308, 2018

University celebrating Black History Month

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The University of Portsmouth is joining the 30th anniversary celebrations of Black History Month by putting on a variety of events and activities. Black History Month (BHM) is held every October with the aim of promoting knowledge of black history, culture and heritage, and positive black contributions to British society. The month also marks the The Windrush 70th anniversary, [...]

810, 2018

Why Remembrance is important and how do you we preserve the legacy?

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Our histories are a time that has past. What was done yesterday is to be used as a method to help us to make the necessary changes in the present to impact the future. Since the 1600’s Europeans have continued to carve up the world amongst themselves, this is a fact. 1884/5 at The Berlin Conference, Africa [...]

511, 2018

Selena Carty, founder of the BlackPoppyRose Project

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Selena Carty, founder of the BlackPoppyRose project, discussed the African/Black/Caribbean/ Pacific Islands contributions to the various War Efforts that have paved the way for the ‘cultures’ we know and understand today. The talk covered the contributions made from the continent of Africa & North America: The West Indies/Canada & USA, as well as the Pacific Islands For more info visit: [...]

511, 2018

Black Poppy Rose- Identity and Community Links

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Thank you to the volunteers at Black Poppy Rose, who we met through our involvement with the Pepperpot Community Centre, for the work they did with our classes today. The explored the history of soldiers from different backgrounds during the war. They helped the children think about  where they lived, what their jobs entailed and how their efforts supported their Empire. They [...]

511, 2018

Black Poppy Rose: symbol of remembrance for black soldiers in the First World War

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For a country that documents its history, raises monuments, statues and plaques, there is a severe lack in representing a full picture of WW1 on all fronts, explains Selena Carty. What is the BlackPoppyRose? The BlackPoppyRose is a symbol created to remember all of our African/Black ancestors who contributed in many ways towards World War One. It [...]

511, 2018

Why The Black Poppy Rose Really Matters

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One woman’s passion to honour people of African descent who fought for Britain AS THE nation prepares to mark Remembrance Day (Nov 11), Londoner Selena Carty is paying special homage to the wartime efforts of black soldiers and their families through her Black Poppy Rose campaign.The initiative began in 2010, and celebrated its fifth anniversary in September. Speaking [...]

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