The African/Black/Caribbean/Pacific Islands contributions to the various War Effects have paved the way for the ‘cultures’ we know and understand today.

This is what WWI looked like

1914 – 2014 WWI 1918 – 2018

Africa, The West Indies, North and South America, Europe, Asia and Oceania Contributed

When the empires decided to go to war, this included their colonies.

Men, Money, Resources, Labour and more was expected and given.

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African/Black/West Indian/Pacific Islanders had:

Service men served on on ALL War Fronts
Over 1 million men served as porters/carriers/labourers
Men, Women and Children all over the world contributed
Millions of pounds raised and contributed
Resources/Raw Materials provided in abundance
Families/communities displaced
Uncountable lives lost

And More…

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