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We can support you developing your projects and exhibitions around the African/Black/West Indian/Pacifica Islanders histories the date back before Europeans begun expanding their empires outside of Europe.

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We provide interactive workshops for all ages.

Please contact us about what you need as we can bespoke what you need to meet time & budget requirements. We can deliver several other areas too.

Courses and Workshop

  • Africa in WW1 Part 1
  • Africa in WW1 Part 2
  • West Indies in WW1
  • Black Americans & Canadians in WW1
  • Oceania in WW1
  • Black Men in Europe in WW1
  • Before the French Revolution
  • Haitian Revolution Part 1
  • Haitian Revolution Part 2
  • Napoleonic Wars Part 1
  • Napoleonic Wars Part 2
  • Abolition on the Slave Trade Act
  • Pioneers before Marcus Garvey
  • Booker T Washington
  • Marcus Garvey
  • United Negro Improvement Association & African Communities League
  • Pan African Congress/Conferences 1900 – 1945
  • Africans in Britain 1900 – 1960
  • Queen Nzinga & her 40+ year war
  • Anglo Ashanti Wars
  • Anglo Zulu Wars
  • Xhosa Wars
  • Boer Wars
  • Italo – Ethiopian Wars
  • Belgian Congo
  • Germanys African Holocaust 1890+
  • Rwanda
  • The Berlin Conference 1884/85
  • Tuskegee Experiment

Family Tree Army search

  • My Father, Grand Father, Great Grandfather, Brother, Uncle, Cousin served, contributed…

  • Has anyone ever mentioned your relatives contributions to the wars?

  • Have you seen any memorabilia at home, or at your relatives homes?

  • Ever wondered ‘Where do I start to trace my family military history?

  • Would you like to explore this more? We can assist

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All our narratives have significant value and deserve to be told.Knowledge of the strengths and characters of those in our past, can help inspire great things for the future.

Your families were alive 100 years ago and beyond, let’s try and find out a little more about what they were doing.Working alongside, who support us with your requests.

Image, courtesy of Ms Cynthia Bailey – Grand Daughter


We provide consultancy to anyone needing assistance with developing exhibitions or work that includes the African/Black narratives.

BlackPoppyRose has a variety of Exhibitions available for hire….

  • Cap Badges Exhibition (Including Boer Wars, WW1, WW2 from UK, Britain, France, Germany & Belgian colonies
  • Postcards from the 1800 – 1900
  • In Africa/America/West Indies & Pacific Islanders
  • Images of African men and women in WW1 & WW2 and more

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