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Work Planned For 2017

Harambee (Swahili) Let’s get together-Pasadia (Spanish) to spend the day

A small festival that takes place in Barnard Castle. It’s the first Afro Fusion Music and Dance festival in the North East of England and our aims are to celebrate the diverse music, cultures and fusions of the African and Latin Diaspora; to get folks out of the city and into the country; to create a space where musicians, visual artists, dancers, and theatre makers who specialize or have an interest in African, Caribbean, and Latin cultures can network and collaborate and more.

BlackPoppyRose will be executing interactive workshops on this AMAZING WEEKEND

Watch out for BLACKPOPPYROSE in Notting Hill, London Carnival 2017

Carnival is a reflection of the West Indian/African expression due to the wars of oppression. This is our culture brought to the streets on Notting Hill for 51years. Release D Riddim’s theme this year fits in with what the BlackPoppyRose is all about…Join us in promoting our work with RDR 2017… Learn more about this history with us.

Look out for the Band Launch MARCH 2017 

Lagos University: From the Pepperfarm to the Mega City (and beyond) 15th – 17th June 2017

BlackPoppyRose will be delivering a paper discussing Northern & Southern Nigeria Pre-1919 Legacy building. We submitted our paper in November 2016 and have been selected to share our work.

BlackPoppyRose Community Exhibtion 2017

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