Family Legacies Exploration



Do you know where you're going to? 

Do you like the things that life is showing you?

Where are you going to, do you know? 


The Honourable Marcus Garvey said:

 "A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots"


Knowing who you are will give you the key to your past to help you unlock your potential. 


Here at BlackPoppyRose we are that key!


The services we offer are:

Family Tree searches 

Stage One

One Family name: Present day - Great Grandparents

Stage Two

Exploring your extended families from Stage one 

Stage Three

Seeing if we can go further back from your Great Grandparents


Documenting of Living Relatives

By recording their lives we provides an insight into who they are and who you are as a result of them.

Exploring their childhoods, jobs, experiences, challenges and what they are ready to share.   


Exploring service history i.e If your Brother, Father, Uncle, Grandfather or Great Grand father served in 'any capacity within wars' 


Creating Family History Books (World & Personal Histories amalagmated) 


This is a video of one of the Family History Books I have created

This book consolidates the immediate and extended Families to show how connected 'Family' really is. 

  • Brothers & Sisters
  • Parents (Their siblings)
  • Grand Parents (Their siblings)
  • Great Grandparents. (Their siblings)
  • Great Great Grandparents...

Within this book we have looked at the: 

  • Histories: Of the countries we live/lived 
  • Migrations: Journeys taken 
  • Cultural practices: Why we have 9 nights, throw salt etc
  • Occupations: The jobs held by the ancestors  
  • Family Names: The meanings behind the names found
  • Birth, Marriage, Death Certificates
  • & so much more 

The book to follow will cover the: 

  • Migration tales 
  • Life stories 
  • Recipes passed down that were condusive for our specific lifestyle
  • Herbal remedies practiced: Lemon & Ginger for colds, Mint, Cerassie, Kola Nuts/Bissy and so much more
  • Stories/Lessons/Sayings/Limericks passed on for us to remember


Workshops: (Schools, Home Schoolers, Businesses & of course Families interested in exploring their legacies)

  • Family Searches
  • Family History Exploration
  • Timeline Building   


BlackPoppyRose provides these service for ALL who are interested