Highlights Of 2016











  • We sold just over 3,500 BlackPoppyRose Pins; £7,000
  • Visited over 20 Cities within the UK delivering talks, presentations & workshops including Cardiff, Dublin & Glasgow;
  • Laid the 1st BlackPoppyRose wreath for the South African Native Labour Corp aboard the SS Mendi, Southampton
  • Laid the 1st BlackPoppyRose wreath to remember World War II veteran Sam King MBE who joined the ancestors;
  • We laid 6 BlackPoppyRose wreath for the first time on Remembrance Sunday in: Croydon, Cardiff, Glasgow, Leeds, Leicester, and Luton, as well as on the BWIR graves found in Europe;
  • Documented graves, monuments in Jamaica, England, Wales, France & Belgium;
  • Delivered Talks & workshops to: Schools, Elders groups, NHS nurses, Black Police Associations, and at various organisations & universities;
  • Worked with: West Indian Association for Service Personnel (WASP), Black Cultural Archives, Nottingham Black Archives, National Archives, SOAS (School of Oriental & African Studies) Narrative Eye, Black History Walks, Recognize Black Heritage & Culture, ED:UK8 Global, National Nubian Networking, The Great War in African Association and others;
  • Culture Pulse, The Voice and Barbados Nation published our article;
  • On Radio with BBC, The Beat and Supreme FM;   
  • WASP Annual Remembrance March Pass 2.10.16;
  • Sponsored Back2Black Awards 2016;
  • Our first November 11th Remembrance Day Event, held at the Black Cultural Archives, Brixton, London;
  • Our 2nd Remembrance event of the Taranto Mutiny’s 98th Anniversary, Karibu Centre, Brixton, London;
  • Received an invitation to bring BlackPoppyRose to SIERRA LEONE by the High Commission of Sierra Leone, Mr. Edward Turay;
  • Attended the first Krio Descendant Yunion’s homecoming programme in Sierra Leone;
  • Assisted a team member into gaining FT work;
  • Presentations in schools, including special needs
  • BlackPoppyRoses on sale in North, East, South and West London
  • BlackPoppyRoses on sale within Schools in London