Support Us

What we need…Community support to help us to grow

  • BlackPoppyRose Ambassadors: To be the face of the BlackPoppyRose in your local area

    • Who can speak different languages (Braille, Sign language & Urban slang included)
    • Passionate learners.
    • Distributers of BlackPoppyRoses


  • Volunteers: 3 hours per week (If more hours are possible let us know)

    • Research: At home, Within the Archives/Libraries/Universities etc.
    • Read Books, Materials & Websites
    • Light Admin: Translations, Emails, Calls, Minute meetings etc.
    • Help to design marketing products/initiatives
    • Assist at events / Host Events in your local area
    • Flyer within your local area: Barbers/Salons, Food shops, libraries, schools/colleges/universities, Dr’s & Dentists…EVERYWHERE
    • Help promote: Ask local business if they would Put up posters/ purchase a banner and sell BlackPoppyRoses from 1st October – 30th November


  • Investors/Sponsors: 

    • Who can provide financial support
    • Who can assist with ‘In Kind’ donation
    • Who can provide resources, equipment, mentoring, volunteers etc.


  • Monthly Donation:  Will help us to do much more to spread the work of BlackPoppyRose… A manageable amount I.e. £4 - £8 per month (£1 or £2 per week etc.)

    • Purchase a higher number of BlackPoppyRose Pins
    • Launch new designed pins
    • Produce Flyers / Posters / Banners
    • Publish Booklets / Books
    • Purchase Books & Materials
    • Future Exhibitions/Monuments/Plaques/Documentaries
    • Travel to spread the BlackPoppyRose, Locally, Nationally & Globally
    • Printing in different languages and larger fonts & Braille
    • Create jobs and work experience


  • Your Families stories: Please share them with us.

    • Do you have records of your families Birth, Marriages & Death certificates from the

Early 1800’s? Or stories of their lives?

Do you have pictures of your families from the early 1800’s – Today?

Do you have any items you think we would be able to share with the world to assist  with our aims to educate and empower?